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Abrahamsson Classic M-Soft Release

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Compatible with Leica M 240, Monochrom, ME. Diameter: 15 mm

Available in three colors: chrome, red and black.

Abrahamsson Classic M-Soft Release

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The Classic M-Soft release has been designed for the latest Leica M camera's (M 240, Monochrom, ME). The "pitch" on the Leica M240/ME thread is different. Leica changed it slightly - it is more shallow and a slightly finer thread. This meant that the regular Softie does not screw in fully - about 1/32" gap between the shoulder at the bottom of the Softie and the top of the release. Unfortunately it also means that Softies for ME and M240 are not compatible with older M's - thread will not "catch" properly.

"Sometimes the simplest of things makes a big difference. There have been many variations of the Soft releases made over the years, but they were either too tall or even worse had a concave surface. This 'directed' the finger to the center of the Soft release and, of course, pushed the camera downward.

The Abrahamsson Classic Soft Release (or also called Softie) has a convex surface that allows you to touch the release at the edge for fast shooting (no more hunting for the center) and more importantly; you can 'hook' your finger over the convex surface and, as with target shooting, use the 2nd joint of the finger to control the pressure on the release.

After some training you can gain as much as 1 stop in slow speed shooting and with some luck, up to 1.5 stops. It is possible to shoot at 1/8 sec with a 50mm lens and get sharp images. Wider lenses work even slower, down to ½ sec.

The material used for the Abrahamsson Softie is aerospace alloy. The Abrahamsson Classic Soft Release works basically with any camera with a standard cable release thread [Shootlight.nl: like the Fuji X-Pro1 and Fuji X100]."

- Tom Abrahamsson

The camera shown on the images are for illustration purposes only, the camera itself is not supplied with this product.

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